First Post

I’m not quite sure what this is supposed to be, or what it might turn into. I won’t pretend I’m not hopeful, that some unassuming night – time wanderer may stumble into this place. If thats all this may ever be then I’m okay with that. It’s going to look simple. A lot of words (hopefully) and possibly some photographs. I’ll try to keep the clutter of everyday life away from here.

I’m a writer. This will be my public filing cabinet for pieces of prose, poetry, essays etc. that I think (for whatever reason, I’m not really qualified to think.) may actually be of interest to someone out there. Even if it is simple intellectual mind candy, something to chew on, or more. Whatever it is, it will be.

My names Dakota. I live in Montreal, Quebec. 20 years of age. Interested in plenty. Film student.





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