The parade (Elation)

What could this look like? From the outside –

A woman, baked and chattering with a glass of wine next to her.

I guess to the National, to the dentists, to the ex lovers –

It might look rather bleak.

The weather man might post a storm watch.

All to little effect, the woman continues to sip

and ponder in the fading eve.

Only that morning had she stood amongst

a crowd of parade watchers.

Feeling as if she were a smiling ghost.

The waves of everyday spontaneity, she is ill fit

to handle.

But cloaked in sound and performance –

the ghost looks into her own window and does not see

a bleak picture

it is not bleak at all.

The woman is alive

she has failed, witnessed beauty,

and she is alive.




(I know this one flows a little weird – it’s because I changed a piece of prose I had written earlier into a poem.)

Hope you guys are having a great day!


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