Pre – leaving the house anxiety.

Is there reasoning behind the fact that I feel guilt going out tonight? In black and made up awareness; Super awareness. Icarus I embody as my pleasures perch atop the highest sun. I want to anticipate, without being obliterated. How fitting that we will watch a film tonight, about the infinite, finiteness, of humanity. (2001) The paradoxical concern that haunts my every move towards the next party, show, date, stand up point of conversational initiative. Am I doing this wrong? Am I promoting a self that is not true? Theres only one way to find out. The lye down at the end of the night will reveal all darkened corners. For now the wine is at a slight advantage.


(Have a Goodnight, everyone.)


Day 11 Poem


I watched

Singing in the Rain 

 last night

in bed

the glow and gloss of it all

sat on my shiny, shiny face

and  in pantless posture

I slouched in darkness

and watched

feasting on the waves of light

my dinner as well

was served

as a song